Friday, June 3, 2011

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I'm not going to sit here and  fucking lie to you or do some bullshit promotion where "anyone who writes on my wall has a chance to win a free Budweiser T-shirt!!" I'm trying to get a book deal. According to my agent, one of the biggest things publishers look for when they decide to buy a book is how many people like your site on facebook. So, if you're interested in seeing a Bros Like This Book at some point, do me a favor and like Bros Like This Site on facebook. Also, double check to make sure you've liked this page, there's another unofficial page that's unaffiliated. Keep spreading the word, and someday we may finally live in a World without Brocism.

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Brollywood said...

A movie deal can happen. I've had ideas in the works. Bros can pop beers while watching movies -- but you need a slam piece to hold up the book if you're gonna read while shotgunning.

Tom Brolfes said...

A world without brocism will be one incredible utopia. Ned's Younger Brother, you have the greatest dreams since Mrtin Luther King.

Anonymous said...

You should try talking to Maddox NYB he does the same shit and got a book deal he'll hook it up

Rdek said...

Yea dude talk to Maddox

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