Thursday, January 19, 2012

#191 Being Assholes

What the fuck happened last night? The last thing you remember from the bar is getting paid 10 dollars and a Slim Jim to #97 take a dump on the Women’s bathroom floor. You vaguely remember some girl screaming at you to stop, but you just gave her the fucking finger and kept reading some ESPN article on your iPhone. Just as you’re nodding your head thinking you couldn’t possibly get any more amazing, you see it. There’s a fucking girl in your bed. Who the fuck is that? You check your phone and find you sent out a mass #122 text at 2am: “What arre yoju up to?” with only one response from a girl that apparently goes by the #28 name, “Wendy’s Slut (fat).” Oh fuck, you went Dumpster Diving. Under normal circumstances, you’d be fucking pumped at banging with some girl when you had a BAC that would legally classify you as dead in 5 states, but this girl isn’t anything to celebrate – she’s fucking busted. And not “would only do her after 5 beers busted,” I’m talking fucking Ursula from “Little Mermaid” aka the “Khloe Kardashian of the Sea” busted. She needs to fucking go.

“GOOOD MORNING!!” she screams. Oh God, she talks just like fat girls text.
“Oh hey…you, I think it’s time for you to go.”
“Well, do you want to get breakfast?”
Clearly this fucking behemoth isn’t responding to reason, so it’s time unleash the fucking hounds: “Honestly, breakfast should be the last thing on your mind. If stretch marks told your age like rings do on a tree trunk, I’d say you’re pushing 175. Besides, I need you the fuck out of here so I can go see if Petsmart sells rape kits, because I’m pretty sure I just got sexually assaulted by a fucking Hippo.”

Boom. #44 Water Works. Just like that she’s out of your life forever. How did that happen so quick? Because you’re a Bro, and you fucking love being an Asshole.

Somehow, over time, Bros and Assholes have become synonymous. For years Brocists screamed this hateful speech at us and we’ve done nothing. Until now. I propose that we as Bros fucking embrace that shit. Fact: Society can’t handle how fucking incredible we are so they just lump us in to all the fucking non-Bro “Asshole” trash, but they’ve got it all wrong. We’re not Assholes because we’re terrible people, we’re Assholes because it’s fucking awesome.

You know how girls always fucking complain about how they want to meet a nice guy instead of the typical Asshole? Well you know why that shit happens? Because girls fucking love Assholes. Everyone fucking knows Bros don’t take girls out on dates, or show up to their door with flowers or god forbid “spend time” with them when we‘re sober. We bang those bitches then never fucking talk to them again. But somehow, even though we aren’t the sweet guy of their dreams, they still fucking text us at like 3 am looking for another late night ride to Pound Town.

While it’s easy to be Assholes to girls, it’s even more rewarding to be one in your everyday life. The most important component to being an Asshole is letting everyone and their fucking mother know that you’re better than them in every fucking way, which shouldn’t be hard, because, come on, we’re Bros, by definition the greatest people on the fucking planet. There’s no better rush than letting staff at hotels and restaurants know the clothes on your back are more important than their lives. If some fucking immigrant is legitimately questioning if his life is worth more than a Northface jacket, then you my friend have done your job as a Bro.

Everyone faces adversity. It’s how we handle this adversity that will forever determine who we are. I stand here before you Bros and suggest we refuse to take these Brocist slurs lying down. Instead, much like the most respected members of the Black community (rappers) embraced racist slurs and transformed them into Source Award winning lyrics, we too should adopt the hateful Brocist term “Asshole.” So, fuck all you Brocists calling us Assholes – that’s our word.

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Anonymous said...

"Oh God, she talks just like fat girls text."


Anonymous said...

NYB This Post Is Fucking Awesome!

I'm considered the nice guy in my group of Bros but I am still definitely a #191 asshole. Anytime I am hooking up with a girl and I think her friends are ugly/fat/bitches I will question them why they are friends with them and tell them to find other friends. I still manage to get laid after doing that somehow. Some of my other favorite ways to be an asshole are #85 driving aggressively in my #135 expensive car blaring music as well as making sure your clothes are more expensive than everyone else's anywhere you go.

Fucking #3 slampieces always complain that there are no nice guys when in reality there are their just not Bros and girls can't help but be attracted to our superior being.

Anonymous said...

On fucking point NYB. Doesn't surprise me that once me and my bros started calling each other assholes, NYB solidifies it. Bitches love assholes this is a fact.

Brotron activate said...

Right! This is the BEST article yet. Almost every other post you've written could fall under the catergory of being assholes. From harassing the doucher roomate who's only up side is that he carries enough prescription drugs to keep my life in hi-def for years, to blowing it in a sloot's ass to save condoms/pregnancy, to simply yelling "SLUT" on the Las Vegas strip to any girl who dare walk on it while my bros and I are in town. God I love bros.

Anonymous said...

you know your an asshole when you sleep with four different chicks in four straight nights. thank god winter breaks over, damn I love being a bro

fratcitybitch said...

Hell yes brocists are pussies thats why we let them know they are by being assholes(bros)

The Man With Bro name said...

Me: *Slaps girl on the ass*

Her: "You're such an asshole!"

Me: "Thank you."

Her: "................"

*We fuck two hours later over at her place*

Being an asshole is the shit. Bro Life.

Anonymous said...

I know its not Bro to talk about politics and Bros #87 don't vote. But there should be a post about the presidential candidate Ron Paul because he wants to legalize #70 weed and get rid of #136 drug laws. He also wants to give the #135 rich people a tax break and stop aiding #38 foreign countries. Vince Vaughn from #17 Swingers even endorsed him.

Iceman said...

The best compliment a bro can get is being called an asshole. Hit the bra on the ass NYB you did it again!

Anonymous said...

Agreed Anonymous. A Ron Paul post is absolutely necessary! BRon Paul is the most bro candidate out there! Ron Paul 2012!

Blue light emergency phones said...

Yeah I called her up. She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention

Anonymous said...

im in an open relationship with one of the hottest kappas on my kappas. winning? id say so. bros are the the shit,

Anonymous said...

Checkout the song dickhead by mad child

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